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THE LEGENDARY TRAVIS PORTER!! Travis Porter is an American hip hop group that consists of brothers Ali and Quez and their friend Strap, whom they met in middle school. The group’s biggest hits are “Aww Yea”, “Go Shorty Go”, “Ayy Ladies”, “Bring It Back” and “Make It Rain”, produced by F-K-I. Travis Porter released a biographical film titled Proud to be a Problem on May 18, 2010 Travis Porter has a YouTube channel with over 150 million views and a Twitter page.

DJ Liz Owen has called Atlanta home for over 15 years. In that time, she has held residencies and performed at some of the South’s most well-known venues, including Backstreet, the Armory, Vision, 112, Jungle, WETBar, Opera, Blake’s, and MY SISTERS’ ROOM. DJ Liz Owen can also be found spinning some of the largest Pride parties across the States as well as Germany and Greece. Her style can be described as twisted mix and blend of Top 40, Dance, EDM, Trap, Hip Hop, and Party Anthems. DJ Liz Owen will keep you charged all night, she never stops dancing and performing to each song. HER ENERGY IS CONTAGIOUS…..

Citizen Jane is a Cuban American, Miami born artist. She is the Pied Piper of the decks and is the most in-demand LGBTQ female DJ in the country and the DJ most booked for Circuit and Pride Festivals. Her resume reads like a circuit party passport that keeps growing every year. Her ability to keep a crowd going is her signature and what has allowed her to obtain resident DJ and headliner DJ billing at the hottest clubs, venues and musical festivals in the US, Canada, Australia, Europe and beyond.

Citizen Jane is the only female DJ to be headlining at the top 5 Women’s events 3 consecutive years that includes The Dinah, Sexacola, Aqua Girl and Girls in Wonderland. Citizen Jane has performed for LIVE Nation events and has had the honor of performing at the “World’s Most Famous Arena” Madison Square Garden. Citizen Jane is the 2014, 2015 & 2017 Pink Flamingo awards winner for “Best DJ” an honor solely voted by the public. In 2017 Citizen Jane was the headliner of the most iconic LGBTQ music festival Australia’s “Mardi Gras” making her debut to over 45,000. This is the 3rd Sexacola for Citizen Jane and she is bringing the Miami Heat to the dance floor!

 After playing the 2008 Grammy’s Annalyze has proved herself as one of the leading ladies of Hiphop, Party Rock & Turntablism. This year she not only landed a sponsorship with Adidas, she also was a personal Deejay for a private of for ELLEN. She has played all over the world and has toured extensively with Playboy’s 50th Anniversary and deejayed on the “The Jimmy Kimmel Show” backing B Real (of cypress hill) & Travis Barker (blink 182).
To top off that year, she performed live at MTV studios Time square with the UK’s very own Lady Sovereign! Annalyze also holds a residency in Shanghai China at the infamous Club Bon Bon.
Her stellar scratching & mixing style have earned her national sponsorships with companies like Pioneer & Stanton. Regularly rocking the club and party scene, crowds are not only mesmerized by Annalyze’s scratching & turntable trickery, but by her energetic stage presence which creates a vibe that keeps the dancefloor moving all night long. The crowd pleaser that she is, Annalyze can often be found stepping away from the turntables and joining the crowd in a dance! Annalyze is featured alongside Shortee in DJ documentaries, “Girl” & “Vinyl is a Girls Best Friend”. Always pushing to the next level and always on top of her game.

Gagger of Glitz, Geesh of Gurlfrandz & Hostess of the Night #brigittebidet @brigittebidet