Our venue is located at:

Capt’n Fun Beach Club in Pensacola Beach, Florida!


They are the Gulf Coast’s Premier Night Club and Entertainment Complex. Located on the boardwalk in beautiful Pensacola Beach, Capt’n Fun’s is the largest waterfront venue in Pensacola hosting both national recording artists as well as regional and local bands.
Capt’n Fun Beach Club
400 Quietwater Beach Rd
Gulf Breeze, FL 32561
(850) 934-3978


Make sure to book in Pensacola Beach Fl. (Or gulf breeze) Make sure to stay on the island and not across the bridge unless you are booking late or wanting to have a cheaper place to stay. Coming across the bridge isn’t a big deal but its not nearly as convenient as staying on the island.

Condo or House? Getting a Condo or a house with a group of people is the most economical option if everyone splits the cost. We recommend going through Paradise Beach Homes -click here
They have very good ratings and the least amount of fees. They are located on the island.

The Days inn is almost across the street from Captn Fun’s on the main strip. It’s newly remodeled and very affordable.
If you want 4-Star then stay at the Holiday Inn resort.. They have the most amazing pool and lazy river. Which doesn’t really matter if you will be at the gay beach everyday. There is a lot of nice places including Margaritaville hotel. And many many other hotels.  If you have a big group going then a condo would be a great idea..it turns out to be cheapest by far. VRBO.com or Paradise Beach Homes in Pensacola beach is who we use. There is really no bad place to stay on the island. Nothing is too far..
If it’s your first time going then Look up our address to Sexacola at Captn Funs to make sure you are booking in the right place.

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      WE try to get our tent by the second boardwalk in front of the bathrooms. 🙂 But the whole beach is amazing and everyone walks up and down the beach.

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      The whole beach is good…everyone walks up and down the beach. Just don’t park in any sand…even if it doesn’t look deep…it is.

  1. Thomas


    We’re very excited to cater to the thousands of visitors to our beach during pride weekend..If your in need of transportation, we’re hoping that you choose Gulf Coast Designated driving service…We’ve been shuttling for pride weekend for the last 3 yrs and we’ve had great success..Look us up on Facebook…See you soon. 850)3900617 Drew

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      Any hotel on Pensacola Beach (not in Pensacola, but on the island) is close. If you need to go across the bridge it takes longer to get there but definitely an option. Type in Captain Fun’s address, everything on the island is within a few miles. There are a lot of hotels within walking distance. 🙂 I hope that helps.

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